It's not enough to invest in a clean agent fire system and buy a few fire extinguishers. You also should give plenty of thought to the placement of the equipment. Next to making sure you arrange for a fm-200 cylinder refill when the time is right, responsible placement is one of the more important elements of your fire safety planning. Here are some tips that will help with the placement.

One Extinguisher in Every Room

In a place of business, it makes sense to mount an extinguisher in every room. Whether it’s an office, the restroom, or the break area, at least one of the different fire extinguisher types available should be present. In the event of a fire, employees have at least one within easy reach to bring the fire under control or to clear a path so everyone can get out. If an event does happen, remember that fire extinguisher cylinder refilling is part of the recovery part. A prompt FM-200 cylinder recharge ensures you are once again prepared in case a fire breaks out.

The same holds true for the home. Stashing extinguishers in each room is a good idea. You may use some sort of vented cabinetry in certain areas. Just make sure they are easily accessible to everyone in the home.

Don’t Forget the Hallways

It’s easy to think of placing extinguishers in rooms, but it’s equally easy to not think about hallways. This is especially true in the home. Remember that the ability to grab one that’s mounted in a hall can make the difference between more damage and getting the fire under control quickly. When less fire damage occurs, it’s easier to get things back to normal quickly. That includes having a professional come out and take care of that Novec 1230 cylinder recharge.

Remember that with a long hallway, you may want to mount more than one extinguisher. Having one at each end of the hall is a good idea. Even as one is beginning to run out, the other will be within easy reach and ready for use. Once the fire is under control, you can call for an expert to drop by and take care of that FM-200 cylinder refill.

And the Garage

What about the garage? There’s also the need for a clean agent fire system in that space. For parking decks and garages connected to places of business, several extinguishers on each level is a great idea. You can use a schedule to ensure they’re checked regularly and any necessary repairs and fire extinguisher cylinder refilling is done in a timely manner.

Even with a home garage, it pays to invest in fire extinguisher types that are appropriate for space. Like business settings, the units in the residential garage should be tested and inspected from time to time. Have that set to coincide with the maintenance for the units inside the home. That ensures the Novec 1230 cylinder refill for the garage units can be done at the same time the FM-200 cylinder recharge for units inside is completed.

Areas Where Fires are More Likely to Begin Are a Must

When placing the extinguishers, pay close attention to areas where fires are more likely to break out. That may be kitchens, laundry rooms, warehouse space, or areas where chemicals are handled. The same team that helps you select the units can take care of any FM-200 cylinder refill that’s needed and oversee the Novec 1230 cylinder recharge after extinguishers are used. Remember that you want that Novec 1230 cylinder refill to occur as soon after an event as possible.

Remember They Must Be Accessible

Along with placement, make sure every extinguisher is easily accessible. Since you may not know the extent of the fire immediately, being able to reach the units in seconds matters. Design the clean agent fire system so that all fire extinguisher types are mounted at a height everyone can reach with ease. This makes it easy to grab and use the equipment in an emergency and also ensures it’s equally easy to manage the fire extinguisher cylinder refilling once the crisis has passed. Once the FM-200 cylinder recharge is done, you are once again adequately protected.

The bottom line is that a home or business site needs more than one fire extinguisher. Consider investing in more units that current local standards dictate. Along with the placement, arrange for a professional from a fire safety service to inspect each one and perform a Novec 1230 cylinder refill when and as necessary. Choosing to maintain the equipment and go for a prompt FM-200 cylinder refill helps protect your property and enhances the safety of everyone who occupies the space. That’s quite a bit of benefit to come from a timely Novec 1230 cylinder recharge.