Home design services have been undergoing a revival recently, coming up as a new in-vogue trend in Canadian cities like Ottawa or Toronto, for example. Whatever a homeowner needs to improve: kitchen designs, bathroom renovation or, say, to do some bedroom design jobs in Ottawa, there are reliable professionals, like Decorating Decor and More, who are ready to give a helping hand at the cost-effective price.

Let’s review some of the most in-demand home design services that Decorating Decor and More offers in Ottawa, ON.

Kitchen Designs

Although there are plenty of home renovation websites online to get inspired with the home improvement ideas for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, to name a few, kitchen designs that we provide are more than real. In Decorating Decor and More our interior designers start from listening to your desires and design ideas as well as inspecting the room you have got for such a renovation. This means we can translate your wishes and needs into the language of style, form, and color to receive the most desirable outcome.

As a rule, kitchen is the most popular room in the house or apartment. Whatever style you like to stick to, this should be the place in your home where you and your beloved ones enjoy to spend as much time as possible, while cooking or eating together. Let the kitchen become your inspiration as your favorite room in the house with Decorating Decor and More. Contact us today to book a consultation.

Bathroom Renovation

If we talk about bathroom remodeling, it is usually because homeowners have got tired from the small and little function places to wash and relax after the long day. Decorating Decor and More designers can offer better space planning making your bathroom look and feel more functional and fresh. We can renovate your master bathroom or guest bathroom quickly and stress-free, within your timeline and budgeting. Call us or fill in the electronic form today to get the bathroom you will like the best.

Bedroom Designs

If you are looking for bedroom design jobs in Ottawa, this could mean you are in need of the interior designer who can make your bedroom more suitable for better relaxation and sleeping. Our specialists can advise you about the bedroom improvement ideas according to your purpose, tastes, and budget. Either master bedrooms or guest bedrooms, Decorating Decor and More team are trained and experienced enough to transform this room in your house in the real dream to dream about.

Home Addition Services

We also perform home addition services for those whose homes require more useful living space. Here in Decorating Decor and More, we are mastering the art of adding new rooms or expanding the existing ones for your growing families or enlarged needs in the dwelling/working spaces. We can complete the whole renovation project in time and smoothly, to leave you fully satisfied with the required extra room. Our professional interior designers can assist the customer with some home improvement ideas that are able to add a necessary free space just by rearranging some furniture or clearing the room from some old and insignificant pieces.

To get more information about our home design renovations and services, please contact us today!

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