Welcome to Decorating Decor and More home improvement ideas blog. We write not only for home improvement enthusiasts but for homeowners near us in order to show that remodeling and renovation can be fun and less expensive than you thought it to be. Our everyday work on our clients’ interior design projects could inspire others to start dreaming about a better dwelling place and realize those dreams with our professional assistance.

Here our most in-demand interior designers are going to share their design wisdom on such vital topics for many homeowners, like small house designs, interior designs ideas at the affordable price, exterior designs for your house renovation and many other. We are going to publish house design images and plans from the portfolio of the projects completed. You will also find a lot of interesting data and practical recommendations on how to make your preferable home improvement ideas come true in no time and within the requested budget.

The fashion to realize personalized interior designs ideas is very high and the concept to improve the living for a better life is growing popular among both Canadians and the newcomers. Many people would like to bring more personal feel and touch to their dwelling places, sharing their native culture motives or simply trying to make their everyday life more comfortable and cozy. Here at Decorating Decor and More, we are specializing in remodeling rooms and houses of all sizes, but the biggest passion we have for small house designs. Small houses are much more affordable to rent or to buy in big cities like Ottawa, ON. That’s why a decorative touch and a professional look on the house designs plans is more popular than on other orders recently.

If you would like to discuss possible improvements to your house or apartment, why not give us a call or book an in-house appointment.

Decorating Decor and More offers professional design and decoration services at more than affordable prices within your budget. Please remember, that with us you are investing not only into renovated house design images but into a more enjoyable and comfortable living with your family for years ahead. Ready to open your living space for more positive transformations?

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Fire Protection For Home Improvement

Any home improvement can take you and your family to the better and more comfortable living stage. It becomes more than evident when we talk about increasing the fire safety of your home.