Having good oral health is the forgotten part to have a healthy life. This is because of the dental health effects the overall body health. Many bacteria can grow and thrive in the oral cavity if it is not cleaned properly and regularly. These bacteria can cause many diseases in the person.

Getting HIV is devastating but it doesn’t mean it is not manageable. All a person needs is to take proper care of himself. One of the first thing that HIV affects is mouth. HIV weakens the immune system and your body is more prone to infections and diseases. The mouth becomes dry. Sometimes sores appear like canker sores or oral warts. Even sometimes gum diseases like gingivitis occurs. HIV infected person is susceptible to any of the dental diseases.

The person with positive HIV if develop any disease then it cannot be curable. So, the dental hygiene or maintaining a good oral health is crucial for them to stay healthy. Otherwise they may suffer from serious infections of oral cavity. For HIV positive people should maintain functional oral heath which means that healthy teeth and healthy mouth is important for good eating. Pain or any disturbance in mouth can cause poor eating thus the person is not able to eat foods that contains vitamins and minerals and cannot maintain adequate caloric intake.

People that take dental health for granted may suffer from canker sore and toothache. These conditions can meld the eating into adventure in pain. Because of the poor eating habits, the people with weak immune system are more likely to develop bacterial fungal and viral infections in mouth as the HIV positive people are unable receive proper nutrition. This causes the tooth loss. Then people have to search for the Vaughan dentists for having artificial teeth to chew the food. Vaughan dentist are the best in dental implants and providing other oral care.

Poor dental health can be the predictor of HIV progression. Dental disorders and infection can be the sign of HIV probability. As the immune system for HIV positive people have already weaken it also stressed by poor oral hygiene. Other infections such as tooth decay, gum ulcers and mouth ulcers can potentially increase the likelihood of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms to enter in the blood stream and cause further damage to organs.

The main thing is to maintain good oral health can decreases the risk of developing these problems. Take regular dental check-up and medicine to control the infections. Brushing twice a day and flossing regularly are the key factors to maintain good oral health and hygiene.

Teeth play important role in both physical health and appearance. So, we should care for our teeth. HIV person can have increased confidence with a good look of their mouth and teeth can eat nutritious food beneficial for their health. Thus, having healthy oral cavity is important for HIV positive person as well as for Normal persons.